About Fotokart

We at Fotokart digital pvt ltd helping retailers to make their business online. Fotokart is helping retailer to make the business easy with the help of technology.

In this time of smart technology, not every business owner has adequate knowledge about making there business online , but they do have the right to enjoy their prospects in Digital India. Specially, small retailers are lagging behind in this competition faced by ecommerce companies and e-Retailers.


Our vision is to emerge as the largest digital retail marketplace in India, connecting large and small retailers and service providers from every city to their customer base. We visualize ourselves to evolve as the most comprehensive platform, connecting every seller, or service provider to their customers.


FotoKart Company under the motto of Self-reliant India is committed to provide world-class solutions to all small and big retailers and service providers in the unorganized retail and service segment of India by providing such business solutions which will help them to grow their business, and they can contribute to making India self-reliant under the Vocal for Local theme.