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FOTOKART helping you to go visible to your prospective customers, who are searching for your products & services online.

Optional payment gateway and logistic services

Use our secure and fast payment gateway with minmimal transaction charges to save a lot from your selling profit.

Use our logisitic partner service to get the best fast and secure delivery to your customer.

Easy Product Listing

It's easy to manage products. Turn a product off, if not available.

Chat with customers

Fotokart is connecting to you with your customer.

Delivery Solutions

Use pickup & shipping services of our logistic partners.

Payment Gateway

Use payment gateway service to collect payment from customer.

Run Offers

Run your own discount offers, sale & coupon codes only for your shop.

Sales Statistics

Get products sell statistics to get better forecasting.

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Frequent questions

Fotokart is connecting sellers & buyers at single platform. Retailers can make their shop online and can manage product catalog. Buyers can browse required products and can order at the same time.

GST registration is not mandatory.

Zero. Yes, there is zero fees on registration and zero commission on sale. Paid features are optional like payment gateway, shipping etc

Fotokart is helping sellers with deliver orders. It is totally optional. You can choose to deliver it yourself as well.

Fotokart can help with collecting payment at the time of order using its payment gateway. Or you can communicate with buyer and collect is yourself using any wallet, cash or UPI.